You Tube post on buying portable therapeutic ultrasound machine

sweethotcandy29 has made a comment on What is Therapeutic Ultrasound & How Does It Work – Q & A from MedFaxx?:
Thanks for posting. I’m considering purchasing a portable unit but I did not know what to buy.


MedFaxx Response:
If you have questions on which ultrasound works best for your condition and/or budget please let us know and will help you.   We generally suggest one buys the cheapest ultrasound possible for the specific condition being treated.    Many of the $1,000+ machines are actually clinical ultrasound machines designed to be able to treat any condition any patient coming to the clinic has.   Most home use of ultrasound is specific to a condition and there is no need for multiple frequencies, multiple head sizes, variable transducers.    Buy cheapest first such as our hand held, portable unit for $130.

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This post was written by painguru on February 6, 2012
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