Yoga Warm Up

A gentle, low key warm up series, nearly anyone can do. If you cannot reach your toes, just hang on higher, up by the knees like I do, or on the shins.

HarDarshan taught this class at Wake Forest Yoga. Keeping muscles loosened up and flexible can be very beneficial.

Yoga Warm Up with HarDarshan

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Easy Warm Up

If you like easy, gentle types of yoga you will like this video.  The leg lifts might be a little challenging, but the are super good for the abdominals. Nothing like keeping the tummy toned to protect the back. A lot of back problems are aggravated by poor abdominal tone.

Contact HarDarshan

If would like to get up with HarDarshan you can find her at

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As always, you should check with your personal health professional, before trying any new exercise program. Not all exercises are for all people.

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