Pain, Posture, and Fascia

PostureWhat is fascia and how does it affect pain in the body?

Check out this interview with Todd Durkin M.A. C.S.C.S. and Sean Croxton.

The answer will surprise you.

Fascia …

Nice compliment on MedFaxx Videos

nomadictostito has made a comment on Electrode Placement On Treating Chronic Knee Pain, Drug Free, with Infrex Tens Unit:

I had a tens unit sitting in my desk drawer for …

How to Fix Piriformis Syndrome

PostureHere is an interesting video on how to fix piriformis syndrome.

It’s a technique to  stretch and loosen the piriformis muscle.

I would love to hear about how this works …

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The Basics of Back Pain, Part 1

Basics of Back Pain

Sitting in chairs in one of the main causes of back pain in America.

Back pain is much less common in Asian nations, where more people sit cross-legged.

Problem is, …

Treating 2 Areas of Pain at the Same Time – with Interferential Pain Relief Machine

Interferential therapy can bring almost Angelic relief for some pain sufferers. This particular unit can work on 2 different areas of pain at the same time. You can adjust the strength of the setting independently for each channel.

Pain Relief Made Easy

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Got Sciatica? Pain in the Low Back and Down the Leg?

Sciatica Rescue

Sciatica Rescue

A simple tool to ease sciatica – a tennis ball.

This 3 minute video shows how to massage and stretch the piriformis muscle, using a tennis ball.

A …

Extra Interferential Machine – Brisbane

Interferential Therapy

Interferential Therapy

This therapy has a soothing effect on the nerves. It helps tight muscles to relax and signals the brain to release endorphins.

Interferential is known as the therapy …

Sciatica Pain, while Playing Disc Golf

Sciatica Rescue

Sciatica Rescue

My sciatica pain suddenly flared up the other day, while I was playing disc golf.

Luckily, I had a battery powered, portable Interferential unit, in my van.

I …

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