Choosing Between a Tens, Interferential or Muscle Stim Machine

This post best viewed starting from bottom to top as an email chain answering questions.   Name changed for privacy.


Hi Kin,

Carryover is not related to a numbing sensation per …

Decompressing the Spine with an Inversion Table Workout

After my motorcycle accident, my friend loaned me his inversion table. It takes up too much space in my garage, he said.

I am more than happy to have it …

Chiropractic – Good for More than Just Back Pain

Basic Chiropractic

Basic Chiropractic

Most people are surprised to find out that chiropractors can help other conditions like acid reflux, thyroid issues, fatigue, constipation organ problems  and more.


This video will give …

Sore Neck? Try These Gentle Stretches

Yoga Stretches for a Stiff Neck – Video

My own neck has been sore lately, so I checked out Youtube for some videos that might be helpful.

This video gives …

Correct Posture – Yoga Standing Pose Prep

Is Poor Posture Contributing to Back Pain?

Could poor posture be contributing to your back pain? Most experts would say yes. Learning how to stand properly is not something that …

Don’t Let Chronic Pain Run Your Life

Is chronic pain slowing you down? Just can’t do the things you used to, or go places you  love to go? I know several people that were this situation.  They …

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