Holistic Stress Management & Relaxation, Yoga and Massage Therapy

PostureHere is a video that hits several topics that can benefit someone with chronic pain.

She mentions drinking plenty of water, which is a no brainer.

Beyond that she introduces …

Low Budget Self Massage, Hit that Painful Spot

PostureThere are a variety of ways to give yourself a self massage at home.
A Tennis ball is one good option. You can place it against the wall, or on the floor and lie on it to hit anyplace on your back.
A golf ball is a good option for the bottom of the feet. Sit in a chair, place the ball under your feet and roll it around. You can use as

Tennis ball, 4 Point Back Massage

Back MassageTrigger point therapy with just a simple tennis ball.

Anyone can do this at home in just a couple minutes.

Roll on the ball a bit to find that exact …

Massage Therapy: What to Expect and How to Prepare : Trigger Point Technique:

Trigger pointTrigger point therapy may not necessarily feel comfortable during the treatment.
A lot of folks feel a big improvement once it is over with though.
We all have muscles that have tightened up and created knots.
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