Stress Solution and Chronic Pain

Stress Solution

Stress Solution

Stress can add to any chronic pain situation.

Worry, fear, anxiety in the mind can increase pain in the body.

Relaxation techniques are the antidote to excess stress and muscle tension.

Restorative yoga provide the mind and body with deep relaxation, that in my book, beats meditation and other relaxation methods.

The Stress Solution

Get Comfortable and Relax

The key here is to make the body completely comfortable. Cushions, pillows, blankets and other props help to make this possible.

Turn off the phone, TV and radio. Find a place to lie down and totally let go. Let your friends and family know you need a break.

Lying in silence is great, but sometimes I like to use meditation CD’s that promote alpha,  theta and delta brainwaves.

Consciously relax every muslce in your body. Let gravity take over and let the body sink into the pillows and cushions.

Break the Pain – Stress Cycle

Let’s face it having chronic pain is stressful, and stress makes chronic pain worse. It’s a vicious cycle. Relaxation helps to break up that vicious cycle.

A Natural Pain Reducing Method

More and more people are looking to alternatives to additive pain pills and surgery. I love restorative yoga, because it is a totally natural way to relax.

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