Sprained Ankle And My Experience With Pain, Swelling and ROM – ( range of motion )

Before I begin this please don’t write back,

“Bob you are too old to still be playing basketball!!”

I know that but it hopefully keeps my ticker pumping and my blood flowing.

I’m at my desk in my office now having suffered a badly sprained ankle from yesterday twisting it, while wearing a very good ankle brace, and it is hurting some and swollen. I am ambulatory, I can walk although shielding and guarding the swollen, painful ankle.

I have two problems:

1.  It is uncomfortable to walk as I have pain both walking and sitting still ( it’s not elevated).

2.  The longer I take to get it back to full range of motion (ROM) then the worse the pain will be and more time before I have functionality ( I want to play bball this Sunday again ).

First off is I continued to play yesterday afternoon when this happened, rather than sit down, and I kept the ankle brace on to retard some of the swelling.

Upon getting home I put on one of the magnetic ice packs for about 40 minutes before cooking dinner.  I could walk OK with small amount of pain.

Today there is more pain, more swelling and reduced ROM.  At the present time though I have the Infrex Plus unit on ( continuous stim.), and can feel a slight tingling sensation which overcomes the pain sensation.

At periodic intervals, say every 10 – 15 minutes I’m rotating my ankle as much as can to keep it loose and moving.  Upon movement some of the pain comes back and if too bad then I will adjust upward the amplitude for more stimulation to overcome the additional pain created by increasing my ROM.

Here’s my logic and my self treatment:

1.  I want to accelerate the tissue repair in the ankle so I have minimal downtime with limited ROM.

2.  I’m hoping the estim will retard some scar tissue development in the affected tissues which I know from experience only serves to weaken the tissues.  ( This is why it’s so easy to re-injure my ankle).

3.  I’m going to use the interferential mode as long as needed and that is why the continuous is being used rather than a timed treatment period.

4.  After extending the ROM there is somewhat higher residual pain so I increase the overall intensity ( amplitude) again hoping the next exercise period is less painful and greater ROM possible.

5.  The alternating polarity (+/-) should reduce the edema/swelling in my ankle which is hindering my rehab.

My basic reasoning is get aggressive quickly and diminish the pain, and increase the ROM by using estim. to get on your feet quicker.  Delay in this situation is not good.


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