Speeding Up Healing After ACL Surgery


ACL Rupture Surgery Timeline of Recovery

An acl rupture is not only physically difficult but psychologically can be devastating.  Historically this type injury has also ended player’s careers, and in all situations has removed the player from competition for quite a while.  That does not have to be the case and here is a case history of acl rupture, torn medical collateral ligament and a bunch of gook left in the knee capsule but the player was back on the court in 98 days post surgery.

In this particular the patient used the Infrex Plus portable interferential high frequency machine, and at that time, the prototype Infrex FRM machine to achieve the results.   The Infrex FRM is now in production and other athletes can expect similar results when used in conjunction with exercise and icing.    Read here the actual patient and care team that made it happen……

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