Question on Micro current and Interferential current

Hi Bob,
I had a question. Can microcurrent therapy be done only at clinics?

Is it more effective than IFT?


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It can be done as easy at home as at a clinic. Micro current is technically a “millionth of an amp” which is subsensory. Micro is mostly used by athletic trainers, to heal faster, sports medicine injuries. In the book “Body Electric” by Robert Becker he talks of micro being best for non union fractures etc. and he says tens units ( not ift) are “too strong”.

As to what is best between IFT and Micro the jury out but for pain micro has a dismal record. Technically when you use Infrex and put it on a sub sensory level you might be entering micro range but only way to know for sure is measure output to see if in microamperage range. Now microamperage range is a big number when you measuring in millionths of an amp so there are many “ranges” in microamperage and I have not seen any definitive answer as to “what micro range” to use.


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