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You are invited  to see if the Infrex Plus works for your chronic pain situation in a satisfying way.

There’s absolutely zero obligation. In fact, MedFaxx is kind enough to ship you one of these for FREE.

They don’t ask for your credit card. If you are not 100% satisfied with this pain relieving technology, inside 30 days, just send it back. A return envelope is provided, with shipping paid.

Got Chronic Pain?

Absolutely No Risk

No money up front, to find out if the Inflex Plus works for your chronic pain situation in a satisfying way.

So here’s what you get: You get the Inflex plus, which is TENS and Interferential in one unit. It used to be, you had to go to a chiropractor or a clinic somewhere and get hooked up to a machine, to the electrodes, and lie there.

You had to, get an office appointment, get over there; it was a lot of hassle to go through to get an Interferential treatment. Nowadays, you can use this portable Interferential unit at home, or on the go. It even works on batteries.

Here is What You Get

You get the cables, nice long cables so the electrodes can go anyplace on your body. Actually, two sets of electrodes, there’s four electrodes- two sets of two, and you can put these on different spots on your body, so you can treat two different areas of pain simultaneously, if you like.

And also, of course you get the wall outlet, if you want  to plug it in at home, and some nice electrodes. It’s really cool. There’s a nice pouch that seals them up to keep them fresh and clean in that package.

You also get this handy carrying package. A belt to strap to yourself, your wires can come out  little hole, so the wires can go anywhere on your body. Strap this on and go completely mobile on battery power. Get Interferential or TENS on the go, and like I said, MedFaxx does not charge you a thing to try this out.

Glad to Help with Your Prescription

The only thing you need is a prescription, and the fine folks at MedFaxx are so kind, they’ll actually call your doctor, talk to your doctor, and work through the details of your prescription for you, so you don’t have the hassle and the headache of trying to get the prescription from the doc. MedFaxx will help you out on that.

So, give them a call at 800-937-3993  Or click right here. Fill out the form, with your name, address and  information so that you can get started on the process of getting your free  30 day trial with the Interferential unit.

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