Can A Tens Machine Help?


   Tens Digital 6000 Machine

   Try a tens machine on us for free.  Don’t rent or buy something that is not helping you.   You deserve a chance to try and if the tens machine does as vendors say it will then why not do it for free?   Proof is in the pudding so to speak.

We provide a free trial, as well as free videos, phone support and free billing if the tens machine is helping and you choose to purchase.   It either works or the trial was free.  For your free trial go here now………

Foods & Supplements List For Diabetes


Diabetic Foods & Supplements List

The dreaded diagnosis of diabetes is not something one has to endure alone.   It has been shown that diet, including some supplements, can positively affect diabetic symptom management.   Here is an interesting article and list of foods and supplements which help diabetic patients live healthier lives……read more

Morgellon’s Disease Therapies


morgellons on arm

Morgellon’s Eruption On Arm

Morgellon’s disease can be very psychologically debilitating for patients.   This article explains how Morgellon’s disease is not only physical but also psychologically depressing for many patients.   Read more here……

Achilles Tendon Inflammation Prevention Therapy

For many athletes the ruptured Achilles is certain loss of time and longer rehabilitation before playing again.   As with the best practices of medicine, it’s better to prevent than treat.

    Read more here on functional restoration to prevent rupture once the Achilles is inflamed…….

Reusable Electrode Placement For Sciatic Pain


Sciatica Electrode Placements

       Sciatica pain can be controlled by the use of an interferential or tens machine if one knows where to place the tens electrodes for pain relief.   Couple the electro stimulation with exercise and the pain may be eliminated completely, especially if using interferential in a home setting so can treat as needed.    This video shows proper electrode placement for sciatica pain….see here.

Diet For HypoThryoidism Prevention

Thyroid gland image

                Thyroid gland image


Hypothyroidism is most often undetected and undiagnosed although it affects many people.  Menopausal women are especially prone and often suffer lethargy, weight gain and episodes of depression.   There are certain dietary changes that may prevent hypothyroidism.   Read more here on how to modify your diet and see list of foods………

Helping Non Union Fractures Heal


  For some type bone crush injuries there are severe problems getting the bones to reunionize.   It could be a crush and the actual bone was fragmented so there is no natural union.  In those extremes the orthopedic physician often prescribes a “bone stimulator” to avoid amputation.  In recent history there is an ever increasing use of electrotherapy devices to assist the body in healing all fractures.   In the case of cervical vertebra breaks it is considered defensive medicine to move the process along quicker so as to avoid new and potentially paralyzing injuries.

Cost of a bone stimulator is a problem however it is felt the process of unionization is more dependent on the polarity ( negative/positive) charges than device specific “bone machines”.  The process of bone healing can possibly be done by a number of less expensive devices with the same results.   Read more here on natural healing and use of electrotherapy devices……

Muscle Stimulators For 6 Pack Abs


Muscle Stimulation

Unfortunately there is a big misconception between what a muscle stimulator is and what is a functional electrical stimulator.   Generally speaking many people seek out a muscle stimulator for the purpose of building muscle tissues for appearance or high performance athletically.   Machines that do that are generally referred to as “Russian stimulators” or a functional restoration machine with high frequency stimulation mode available.   The Infrex FRM is such a machine.

Most people who have suffered a stroke, a broken bone, or muscle atrophy really need a “functional electrical stimulator”.   These machines help restore muscle bulk and function so the patient can relearn or regain control of muscles to achieve functions.   Tens machines are not muscle stimulators as many manufacturers like to claim.

We’ve made a video here that explains the differences in the types of machines.  Watch it here…..

Video On Tens Electrode Placements


Tens Electrode Placements Videos 

There is no magic to correct tens machine electrode placements, but common sense approach to where the pain is.   We know pain moves and from that we also know we have to move the tens electrodes to accommodate where the pain is at specific times.

Placement of tens electrodes is not rocket science and these 2 videos explain where to put and why.   Watch them here……….

FAQ About Tens Machines


Tens Machine FAQ’s

It unfortunately is so often a patient is given or sent a tens machine without understanding how to use it.   Over the past 36+ years we’ve gathered the most common questions patients have, including where to put the tens machine pads, and tried to help patients understand how to get the most benefit from their tens machine.   We don’t care if the tens unit did not come from us, but we do care you know how to use it and why.

Go here for the most common FAQ’s patients have about tens machines…..

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