Movement Helps Pain



Causes of Back Stiffness

  • Siting too long in one position, at work, school or going for  a ride
  • Lifting heavy items in the wrong way
  • Heavy backpacks with too many books or work
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stressed out Mamma! Or father, son, daughter, or whoever

Back n’ Motion

Relax as you do these movement and feel the stress and pain leaving your body.

Let your mind be still and focus on the  relief gentle, slow movements provide.

For many people, actually moving the body in a conscious, correct way can help with muscle stiffness and pain. As humans, we tend to stiffen up after long periods of inactivity.

Be sure to follow the counsel of your personal health professional

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes total bed rest is just what the doctor ordered. Back pain comes in many shapes, sizes and colors, so you need to consult with your personal health professional, do you can make an informed choice.

On your way to a happier back

You can get the complete Back in Motion program on DVD or instant download. Just take your pick. Broadband connection is recommended for the download. Nancy Davison has based these gentle fluid movements on the principles of Qigong. They are a great way to balance the Qi in your body Energy is wht it is all about on the deepest level. Loosening up tight muscles and bringing fresh blood and nutrients into the tissue is a bonus benefit.

Learn more about Nancy at or

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