Infrex Plus – Pain Relief Machine

Back Pain

Back Pain

Q.  Who would use the Infrex Plus?

A.  Anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.

Sufferers of  sciatica, back pain, osteoarthritis, neuropathies, sports injury and many other types of pain are getting good results. 

Folks who want to avoid surgery, or have had surgery and are still experiencing pain.

Anyone who wants to avoid or reduce painkiller type medications, whether prescription or over the counter.

Q.  What is the Infrex?

Infrex Plus

Infrex Plus

A.  The Infrex Plus is a portable electrotherapy device for treating chronic pain. 

It uses electrodes and weighs 5.5 ounces. It can be used with rechargeable batteries or with an AC adaptor.

The Infrex combines Interferential therapy and TENS in one unit.


shoulderQ. How do I use the unit?

A. Simply place the electrodes around the painful area, connect the wires and turn on the unit. Use the controls to vary the intensity until the pain goes away.

Q.  Can the Infrex hurt me or make my pain worse?

A.  No unless you have a demand pacemaker implanted and then you should check with your M.D.  The worse that can happen is the Infrex may not help you but it will not make your pain any worse nor are there any side effects from trying it to see if it works for you.

Q.  How does it work?

A.  The Infrex stimulates non pain fibers in the painful area so the actual pain impulses never make it to the brain.  If the pain message doesn’t get to the brain then you can not have pain.  For most people there is what is called “carryover pain relief” which is nothing more but being pain free for some time following a treatment.   For some people it may only be hours but for others it can be weeks.

Q.  If the Infrex helps will my insurance pay for it?

A.  In most cases the answer is yes if you have coverage for “durable medical equipment” which is the same category as wheelchairs, hospital beds, crutches etc.   Medicare will pay for the Infrex unit.

Q.  How soon will I know if the Infrex helps or not?

A.  For most people it takes only 10 minutes after beginning treatment to decide if it helps or not.  The pain relief is practically immediate.

Q.  If for some reason the Infrex is not helping during the trial does that mean it will not help me at all?

A.  No not necessarily as sometimes the electrodes may not be placed properly so the stimulation goes through the entire painful area.  If that is the case you simply turn off the unit, change the electrodes and start the unit again.  It’ s really that simple.

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