What does the Infrex Cost?

Infrex Plus

Infrex Plus

We are able to put an Infrex Plus in your hands at no cost or very little cost to you.

First of all we offer a 30-day in home trial at absolutely no cost and no obligation. If it doesn’t work for you, just send it back. We even provide  postage paid return packaging.

If decide that you love the Infrex Plus, and don’t want to be without it, there are two options to cover the cost of the unit.

Option 1. MedFaxx will bill your insurance, we are more than happy to work with your insurance company on your behalf to get the best possible coverage.

We typically accept whatever the insurance company pays.  That means no cost to you.

“I would love to have a free trial but have no insurance, and limited funds, so my big concern is the Infrex helps me and then I can’t afford it.”

Option 2. If you have no insurance, your insurance plan isn’t very good and you are on a tight budget.

MedFaxx will work with you on a payment plan that fits your budget.   We are well aware of the high costs of health care and understand the difficulties.   We live in the same world as you do.   Over the 3 decades of our existence we have had many patients in the same circumstances yet they received their unit and we worked with them for payment and also for the supplies needed.

Our long standing policy:No deserving patient will be denied use of our equipment due to lack of funds.” … September, 1977

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Get started on your Free trial now

We ship the Infrex Plus right to your house at no charge. We don’t even ask for your credit card. Fill out the form to the right to get started.

Here is what you get:

  • Infrex Plus, combination Interferential and TENS unit
  • Set of high quality electrodes
  • Instruction book
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • AC adapter
  • Handy carrying belt for on the go use
  • Complete support – We are just a phone call away 1-800-937-3993, during business hours or email bobjohnson@medfaxxinc.com.  Call us now and put us to the test!

FYI – The Infrex Plus lists for $1695. Don’t let that number scare you off. We are serious when we say, “No deserving patient shall be denied the use of our equipment due to lack of funds”

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