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Interferential Therapy

Interferential Therapy

This therapy has a soothing effect on the nerves. It helps tight muscles to relax and signals the brain to release endorphins.

Interferential is known as the therapy that sends little electrical pulses thru the body.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to make a trip to the clinic,  chiropractor or doctor’s office to get the pain relieving benefit of Interferential.

Brisbane Extra Interferential Machine

When it comes to electrotherapy, some people get paranoid. Will I be electrocuted? Does it hurt?

No there is no chance of harmful electrocution. The small electrocurrent  is not painful. It actually has a pain relieving effect. The worst that can happen, is you turn the unit up too high. This may cause some discomfort. But you are in total control. You control the amount of current and the duration. You can always press the stop button to cut it off immediately.

Portability makes possible activities that might otherwise be too painful.

Interferential therapy used to require a large unit that sat in a doctor’s office. Now thanks to modern technology, portable battery powered interferential is possible. A fanny pack, such as that that comes with the Infrex Plus, allows you to tote the unit around wherever you go. Just hook up the electrodes, adjust your setting and you are good to go. The lady in this video is now able to enjoy bowling and keep her grass cut. Activities that were a painful undertaking before portable interferential. Of course you would want to talk with your doctor about which activities would be  acceptable for your specific condition. You would not want to aggravate or worsen a painful condition by overdoing it.

Avoiding pain killing drugs is a good thing.

Most folks like to avoid the side effects that come from prescription and over the counter pain medications. Interferential allows pain management without the use of drugs. Or in some cases lower doses of pain medication.

Will interferential therapy work for me?

This is an individual matter. You should discuss your specific situation with your health professional. If you would like to find out if Interferential works for your pain, Medfaxx offers a free trial. For 30 days, you can have the Infrex Plus in your home. Try it out and see if it works for you. If not you can just send it on back.

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