Does lack of sleep contribute to chronic pain or does chronic pain cause lack of sleep?

This is like saying, what came first, the chicken or the egg.
Sleep is very healing and refreshing for the human body.

Most experts are recommending 6-8 hours per night, but it really depends on you. Genetics, stress level, degree of fitness and many other things factor in. One thing is for sure, the body is an amazing healing machine and most of the healing process takes place while we are snoozing.

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Restorative Sleep

Just one of the bodies restorative mechanisms is pH balance. At night we are absorbing alkalizing minerals from food and any supplements we may take. Meanwhile the body is eliminating acids, primarily by using the kidneys. If you do some research, you will find many stories of people who sleep better and reduced aches and pains by paying attention to their pH balance with food, water and supplements, but that is a whole other article.

Pain Makes Sleep Elusive

Many people just can’t rest peacefully, because they have chronic pain. This hinders the bodies healing process and often leads to more pain or a longer recovery time. They just can’t get comfortable in bed and the pain keeps them awake. All the while, they get more and more stressed about not being able to sleep.

Help in Time of Need

Electrotherapy may be a good option for some people. With proper use of interferential therapy, pain may be reduced, resulting in better sleep quality, resulting in a better healing response in the body. Instead of a vicious cycle of pain and lack of sleep, it becomes a healing cycle of health and healing.

If you would like to try interferential therapy for yourself, we can set you up with a free trial so you can see for yourself. Click now.

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I suffer with upper back pain from ostioarthritis. For years I have been awakened due to the pain. But I mow use meletonine to help me through. After only two weeks I feel an improvement on my back. Sleeping 8 to 11 hours every night does let the body heal itself!

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