Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 3

PostureThis yoga pose is a pelvic lift with a foam block between the legs.
This pose can help strengthen back muscles and give a good stretch to the chest.
Improves spinal flexibility.

Improve Your Posture with Yoga

PostureHere is a quote directly from Lillahs blog - Body mechanics and proper alignment also play an important role in healing back pain.
Regardless of how our back pain arises, there will be muscles that are short, tight, or even in spasm, and muscles that are long, weak or overworked.
As we correct these imbalances with an appropriate yoga sequence, we are correcting and re-aligning our posture.

Relax Your Back

PostureChild’s pose is a deeply relaxing pose.

It aids flexibility, is great for stress relief and helps circulation to the muscles, joints and disks of the back.

Better circulation means …

Fixing Back Pain at the Kitchen Sink

PostureHere is a quick stretch that you can do right in your own kitchen. This yoga instructor shares this pose that is supposed to help the lumbar spine, scoliosis, or people who round the head forward. It is a great stretch for creating space and length in the spine.

Can Cobra Pose Help my Back Pain?


Back Stretch

Video with beginner to advanced version of this well known yoga pose, cobra.

It is great for strengthening and toning back muscles.
It starts with the easiest version …

Couch Yoga, Watch TV, Work the Body

Sitting Posture

Couch Yoga

Here is a nice little yoga set that you can do right on your living room couch.

Instead of being a regular couch potato, why not do a …

Loosen Up Lower Back and Hips

Sitting Posture

Loosen Hips

Here is yet another good sciatica relief exercise.

This one is quick and simple, the whole video is only 2 minutes long, including introductory instructions.

The exercise is …

Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 2

Belly Turning Pose

Belly Turning Pose

Proper posture goes hand in hand with a healthy back and spine. Poor posture can lead to back pain, sciatica and other problems.

This video shows a …

Yoga Warm Up

A gentle, low key warm up series, nearly anyone can do. If you cannot reach your toes, just hang on higher, up by the knees like I do, or on …

Stress Solution and Chronic Pain

Stress Solution

Stress Solution

Stress can add to any chronic pain situation.

Worry, fear, anxiety in the mind can increase pain in the body.

Relaxation techniques are the antidote to excess stress …

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