98 Days After ACL Repair Surgery Until Return To Competition

See the true story of 17 y.o. Janna Johnson and her rapid recovery. The use of volitional exercise coupled with Infrex stimulation greatly accelerates tissue repair and strengthening following acl …

Speeding Up Healing After ACL Surgery


ACL Rupture Surgery Timeline of Recovery

An acl rupture is not only physically difficult but psychologically can be devastating.  Historically this type injury has also ended player’s careers, and in …

Professional Physical Therapy Ultrasound Machine For Scar & Connective Tissue

Rent Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine


Rent Professional Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine 

Therapeutic ultrasound is often used to soften scar tissue and other connective tissue disorders.   The actual therapy session may last only 10 – 15 minutes …

Searching For Tens Units On Google… So Many Terms

Tens 6000 Digital Tns Unit For Chronic Pain

Most Popular Reliable Tens Unit & Best Value

Post on most common terms used, but unfortunately some are not even going to produce information since the term is not related, …

Gentle Stretchng & Yoga – Part of the Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers

Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers

Today we’re talking about gentle stretching and yoga.

And other types of mind-body movements.  Now, again, this can be good for some types of pain …

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