New Tens Video on How A Tens Unit Works

From a small seminar on how tens units work to control pain for patients. This video explains the biological processes of how a pain message gets to the brain and …

Searching For Tens Units On Google… So Many Terms

Tens 6000 Digital Tns Unit For Chronic Pain

Most Popular Reliable Tens Unit & Best Value

Post on most common terms used, but unfortunately some are not even going to produce information since the term is not related, …

Complementary Medicine – Uniting Traditional & Alternative For Better Patient Outcomes

Might enjoy this post within the MedFaxx web site just put up. Much on way cells behave and stay healthy.…

Neck and Back Pain Eliminated Avoiding Surgery – Testimonial by Infrex Patient

I first wanted to thank Bob & the folks at MedFaxx for all their help. Your company has worked with me every step of the way in getting the proper …

Jill, with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, on Infrex Plus

It is working, it is amazing and I want to get one , I’ve worn it almost continuously all day today, in my car and everything. My wrist BURNS constantly …

Using water for the electrode system with the Infrex pain machine – water and electricity can mix safely!!

New video on using water to conduct electricity for pain and healing by MedFaxx.

Watch this short video –

Choosing Which Mode of Infrex Plus To Use For Pain Relief Rx – Tens or Interferential

The Infrex Plus provides two options for pain relief and often patients need some guidance on which to choose. Of course the real answer is after using for short time …

Does Sitting in Chairs Cause Back Pain?

PostureTake a look at this video and decide for yourself.
Most Americans spend a large amount of time sitting in chairs.
Some experts feel that this contributes to the large amount of back pain in our society.

Better Knowledge on Electrode Placement Means Better Pain Relief Results

Better education on tens electrode placement means better results.

Yoga Warm Up

A gentle, low key warm up series, nearly anyone can do. If you cannot reach your toes, just hang on higher, up by the knees like I do, or on …

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