98 Days After ACL Repair Surgery Until Return To Competition

See the true story of 17 y.o. Janna Johnson and her rapid recovery. The use of volitional exercise coupled with Infrex stimulation greatly accelerates tissue repair and strengthening following acl …

The Top 10 Natural Pain Aids Listed

Massage Therapy

   We have the top 10 natural pain relievers people use for acute and chronic pain. Several videos to explain what to do to stop your pain naturally, without drugs or …

Speeding Up Healing After ACL Surgery


ACL Rupture Surgery Timeline of Recovery

An acl rupture is not only physically difficult but psychologically can be devastating.  Historically this type injury has also ended player’s careers, and in …

Professional Physical Therapy Ultrasound Machine For Scar & Connective Tissue

Rent Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine


Rent Professional Therapeutic Ultrasound Machine 

Therapeutic ultrasound is often used to soften scar tissue and other connective tissue disorders.   The actual therapy session may last only 10 – 15 minutes …

Does Interferential Therapy Increase Heart Rate?


My sister experienced increased heart beat when I gave her the last treatment. Is that a possibility?


Question on Micro current and Interferential current

Hi Bob,
I had a question. Can microcurrent therapy be done only at clinics?

Is it more effective than IFT?


You Tube post on buying portable therapeutic ultrasound machine

sweethotcandy29 has made a comment on What is Therapeutic Ultrasound & How Does It Work – Q & A from MedFaxx?:
Thanks for posting. I’m considering purchasing a portable unit …

Book on Tens Electrode Placement

Dear Mr.Bob Johnson,

I am a pain nurse from the Netherlands and i saw your video’s from MedFaxxinc. And the only thing I can say is that they are very …

Nice compliment on MedFaxx Videos

nomadictostito has made a comment on Electrode Placement On Treating Chronic Knee Pain, Drug Free, with Infrex Tens Unit:

I had a tens unit sitting in my desk drawer for …

Shoulder and Neck Stretch and Massage

Neck StretchHere is a nice shoulder and neck massage you can do on yourself.

Also some great stretches to loosen up tight shoulders.

If you are not as flexible as the …

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