Video On Interferential Therapy

Chronic Pain Releif

Bob Johnson and
the Infrex Unit

     Interferential therapy has been used in a clinical setting for many years with great success. The problem has always been. – you gotta make

Video On Tens Machine Usage

How To use tens machine video

Digital Tens Machine

Did you go to the clinic or hospital, receive a tens machine and now you don’t know how to use it?   This video is intended for you …

Why To Choose Infrex Interferential Pain Machine Over Tens Machines



Infrex Interferential Machine

Tens machines work great for many patients however they require constant wear, 24/7, 365 days to  stop the pain signal.   Infrex interferential is about teaching the body …

Free Trial High Frequency Interferential Tens Machine For Pain


Interferential therapy ( high frequency stimulation) has been around since 1953 and is the most used form of electrotherapy for pain in clinics and hospitals in the world.  The clinical …

Can A Tens Machine Help?


   Tens Digital 6000 Machine

   Try a tens machine on us for free.  Don’t rent or buy something that is not helping you.   You deserve a chance to try and if …

Reusable Electrode Placement For Sciatic Pain


Sciatica Electrode Placements

       Sciatica pain can be controlled by the use of an interferential or tens machine if one knows where to place the tens electrodes for pain relief.   Couple …

FAQ About Tens Machines


Tens Machine FAQ’s

It unfortunately is so often a patient is given or sent a tens machine without understanding how to use it.   Over the past 36+ years we’ve gathered …

How To Choose A Tens Machine


Best Tens Machine Value

So many tens units, so little information.   The bottom line is what will stop pain, last the longest with the least breakdowns, and where can you …

Free Trial Infrex Interferential Therapy & Tens Machine

Free Trial Infrex PlusInfrex Plus Combination Interferential & Tens Machine

Interferential therapy is the electrotherapy that is used for pain relief in hospitals and clinics the most around the world.  It’s the clinically …

Proper Care of Tens Electrodes, Tens Cables and How To Prevent Skin Breakdown When Using Tens

How to properly care for interferentail and tens electrodes to prolong their life. The importance of staying hydrated and the use of tens clean cote protective wipe to reduce skin irritation.
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