Video On Interferential Therapy

Chronic Pain Releif

Bob Johnson and
the Infrex Unit

     Interferential therapy has been used in a clinical setting for many years with great success. The problem has always been. – you gotta make

How To Treat Radiating Sciatic Leg Pain Information


    Treating sciatic nerve pain is possible without surgeries and costly drug regimens.   This article, & video explains numerous methods of treating sciatica pain.   Learn more here to help you with

Video On Treating Sciatica Pain

Sciatica Pain Video

Watch our video on what you can do to help with your sciatic pain.  The video explains how sciatica develops and ways to reverse the painful process.  …

Reusable Electrode Placement For Sciatic Pain


Sciatica Electrode Placements

       Sciatica pain can be controlled by the use of an interferential or tens machine if one knows where to place the tens electrodes for pain relief.   Couple …

How To Choose A Tens Machine


Best Tens Machine Value

So many tens units, so little information.   The bottom line is what will stop pain, last the longest with the least breakdowns, and where can you …

Nutritional Supplements For Sciatica Pain


Sciatic Pain Foods & Supplements List

Sciatica Pain can be devastating and there is no need to add to it’s harshness by not considering what foods and supplements will aid …

Why An Interferential Machine Is Better Than A Tens Machine – Video

Infrex Interferential Tens Machine

Carryover Pain Relief

    A major difference in using a tens machine versus an Infrex interferential machine is what is referred to as “residual” or “carryover pain relief”.

Simply stated it’s …

How to Fix Piriformis Syndrome

PostureHere is an interesting video on how to fix piriformis syndrome.

It’s a technique to  stretch and loosen the piriformis muscle.

I would love to hear about how this works …

Searching For Tens Units On Google… So Many Terms

Tens 6000 Digital Tns Unit For Chronic Pain

Most Popular Reliable Tens Unit & Best Value

Post on most common terms used, but unfortunately some are not even going to produce information since the term is not related, …

Does Sitting in Chairs Cause Back Pain?

PostureTake a look at this video and decide for yourself.
Most Americans spend a large amount of time sitting in chairs.
Some experts feel that this contributes to the large amount of back pain in our society.
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