Improve Your Posture with Yoga

PostureHere is a quote directly from Lillahs blog - Body mechanics and proper alignment also play an important role in healing back pain.
Regardless of how our back pain arises, there will be muscles that are short, tight, or even in spasm, and muscles that are long, weak or overworked.
As we correct these imbalances with an appropriate yoga sequence, we are correcting and re-aligning our posture.

How to Sit Properly to Avoid Back Pain

Sitting Posture

Sitting Posture

Take a look at how you are sitting in 3-D space.

The 2 most important dimensions are up – down and front to back.

Even if you have …

Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 2

Belly Turning Pose

Belly Turning Pose

Proper posture goes hand in hand with a healthy back and spine. Poor posture can lead to back pain, sciatica and other problems.

This video shows a …

Decompressing the Spine with an Inversion Table Workout

After my motorcycle accident, my friend loaned me his inversion table. It takes up too much space in my garage, he said.

I am more than happy to have it …

Correct Posture – Yoga Standing Pose Prep

Is Poor Posture Contributing to Back Pain?

Could poor posture be contributing to your back pain? Most experts would say yes. Learning how to stand properly is not something that …

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