Video On Interferential Therapy

Chronic Pain Releif

Bob Johnson and
the Infrex Unit

     Interferential therapy has been used in a clinical setting for many years with great success. The problem has always been. – you gotta make

98 Days After ACL Repair Surgery Until Return To Competition

See the true story of 17 y.o. Janna Johnson and her rapid recovery. The use of volitional exercise coupled with Infrex stimulation greatly accelerates tissue repair and strengthening following acl …

Treating Pain In Knee Replacement Surgery

Treating pain in knee replacement surgery with interferential therapy, IFT, essential oil patches with bergamot and lavender, and topical pain patches. When possible do not allow the pain cycle to begin and then have to treat with the complications but try to prevent the pain from starting and reaching severe levels that cause the patient additional discomfort due to cramping.
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