Study Suggests Those Who Have Chronic Pain May Need to Assess Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D PainDo vitamin D deficiencies contribute to musculoskeletal pain?
Take a look at this video to learn about the study results.
The study dealt with people who suffered chronic pain from a variety of causes

Do Caffeine Contatining Substances, like Coffee, Tea and Cola, Contribute to Pain in the Body?

Caffeine and Pain

Caffeine and Pain

Stiff Neck and Sore Back

Caffeine certainly contributes to pain in my body. I can feel it, oftentimes while drinking a cup of coffee. My neck starts …

Is Hidden Inflammation Making You Fat?



We all know about the kind of inflammation that causes pain. The redness, the pain , the swelling.

In this quick video Dr. Nicholas Perricone, gives us the breakdown …

Lack of Vitamin D May Contribute to Chronic Pain

Several recent studies have shown a link between low levels of vitamin D and chronic pain. A quick search of the internet brings up several different studies, all showing some …

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