Can A Tens Machine Help?


   Tens Digital 6000 Machine

   Try a tens machine on us for free.  Don’t rent or buy something that is not helping you.   You deserve a chance to try and if …

RSD Pain Relief Without Drugs


Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Pain

RSD pain is constant, miserable and the addition of narcotics or other pharmacological means rarely stop the pain at it’s source.   Today one does not have …

Drug Free Pain Relief For Spinal Stenosis


Stenosis Pain Cause

The very nature of spinal stenosis causes pain to the nerve roots being compressed leaving the spinal chord.  Often there is inflammation due to nerve irritation and the success of …

Combination Treatment Pain Relief Using Cold, Aspercreme, Menthol with Interferential

How to use cold therapy with interferential therapy for pain relief. Can aspercreme be applied on skin and interferential therapy make it more effective? Do rechargeable and disposable batteries have less power than using the Infrex with the AC adaptor plugged in to wall outlet?

Shoulder and Neck Stretch and Massage

Neck StretchHere is a nice shoulder and neck massage you can do on yourself.

Also some great stretches to loosen up tight shoulders.

If you are not as flexible as the …

Searching For Tens Units On Google… So Many Terms

Tens 6000 Digital Tns Unit For Chronic Pain

Most Popular Reliable Tens Unit & Best Value

Post on most common terms used, but unfortunately some are not even going to produce information since the term is not related, …

Study Suggests Those Who Have Chronic Pain May Need to Assess Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D PainDo vitamin D deficiencies contribute to musculoskeletal pain?
Take a look at this video to learn about the study results.
The study dealt with people who suffered chronic pain from a variety of causes

Low Budget Self Massage, Hit that Painful Spot

PostureThere are a variety of ways to give yourself a self massage at home.
A Tennis ball is one good option. You can place it against the wall, or on the floor and lie on it to hit anyplace on your back.
A golf ball is a good option for the bottom of the feet. Sit in a chair, place the ball under your feet and roll it around. You can use as

Massage Therapy: What to Expect and How to Prepare : Trigger Point Technique:

Trigger pointTrigger point therapy may not necessarily feel comfortable during the treatment.
A lot of folks feel a big improvement once it is over with though.
We all have muscles that have tightened up and created knots.

Sciatica Pain, while Playing Disc Golf

Sciatica Rescue

Sciatica Rescue

My sciatica pain suddenly flared up the other day, while I was playing disc golf.

Luckily, I had a battery powered, portable Interferential unit, in my van.

I …

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