Speeding Up Healing After ACL Surgery


ACL Rupture Surgery Timeline of Recovery

An acl rupture is not only physically difficult but psychologically can be devastating.  Historically this type injury has also ended player’s careers, and in …

How To Save Money OnTens Electrodes

Elizabeth Johnson, P.T.


Elizabeth Johnson, P.T. 

   How does one save tens electrodes and get the most use out of them?   This video by the physical therapist, Elizabeth Johnson, explains how to get the

Knee Surgery Tens Electrode Placements Guide

tens acl electrode placementTens Electrode Placement After ACL Surgery

     Often a tens machine or preferably an Interferential combination tens machine is used for control of post operative pain, edema reduction and faster healing …

Painful cramps following knee replacement surgery – How To Treat/Prevent Cramping

Subject: Post operative leg cramps following knee replacement surgery…


My 80 year old mother, a life long right leg amputee, had knee replacement surgery about 6 weeks ago. While …

Chronic Knee Pain and Electrotherapy

Knee Pain Video

Knee Pain Video

How to treat knee pain with Interferential therapy or TENS

Bob shows proper electrode placement for knee pain.…

Having Insurance Pay For Tens Supplies

I’ve taken the liberty to paste an email correspondence from one of our customers who had ordered Infrex electrodes on line from us. This is not an unfamiliar scenario where …

Treating Pain In Knee Replacement Surgery

Treating pain in knee replacement surgery with interferential therapy, IFT, essential oil patches with bergamot and lavender, and topical pain patches. When possible do not allow the pain cycle to begin and then have to treat with the complications but try to prevent the pain from starting and reaching severe levels that cause the patient additional discomfort due to cramping.
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