Achilles Tendon Inflammation Prevention Therapy

For many athletes the ruptured Achilles is certain loss of time and longer rehabilitation before playing again.   As with the best practices of medicine, it’s better to prevent than treat.…

Sciatic Nerve Pain Rehab – Inflamed Sciatic Nerve

Can Sciatica Pain be Improved with Stretching Exercises?

Video by Physical Therapist to a patient named “Roger”

There are causes of sciatica and of course differing levels of severity. The …

Do Caffeine Contatining Substances, like Coffee, Tea and Cola, Contribute to Pain in the Body?

Caffeine and Pain

Caffeine and Pain

Stiff Neck and Sore Back

Caffeine certainly contributes to pain in my body. I can feel it, oftentimes while drinking a cup of coffee. My neck starts …

How to Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet | Expert Village Videos

Inflammation, Diet and Pain

Inflammation has been linked to pain in the body, as well as diabetes, heart disease and other major health problems.
The foods that you eat can …

Is Hidden Inflammation Making You Fat?



We all know about the kind of inflammation that causes pain. The redness, the pain , the swelling.

In this quick video Dr. Nicholas Perricone, gives us the breakdown …

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