Speeding Up Healing After ACL Surgery


ACL Rupture Surgery Timeline of Recovery

An acl rupture is not only physically difficult but psychologically can be devastating.  Historically this type injury has also ended player’s careers, and in …

How To Stretch For Back Pain, Lower Body Russian Twist

Lower Body Russian Twist Here is a great stretch for back pain.

Start by wearing comfortable clothing.

Use an exercise or yoga mat on the floor for cushion.

Check out the video for complete …

Are You Stretching Correctly?

Piriformis StretchThere is a right way and a wrong way to do this stretch. There are a number of videos floating around that just do not teach the right technique. The man in this video has it right.

Can Cobra Pose Help my Back Pain?


Back Stretch

Video with beginner to advanced version of this well known yoga pose, cobra.

It is great for strengthening and toning back muscles.
It starts with the easiest version …

Loosen Up that Stiff Back

Stiff or tight back? You will want to check out this simple forward bend taken from, Nancy Davison's Back n' Motion video. In this first segment she shares the forward bend. It is probably a bit different for how you've seen the forward bend before.

Loosen Up Lower Back and Hips

Sitting Posture

Loosen Hips

Here is yet another good sciatica relief exercise.

This one is quick and simple, the whole video is only 2 minutes long, including introductory instructions.

The exercise is …

Get Rid of Sciatic and Lower Back Pain

Sciatica Stretch

Sciatica Stretch

Breathing deep and slow is one of the major keys in sciatica pain relief.

This is a simple exercise, that takes just two minutes to do.

Stretch one …

Got Sciatica? Pain in the Low Back and Down the Leg?

Sciatica Rescue

Sciatica Rescue

A simple tool to ease sciatica – a tennis ball.

This 3 minute video shows how to massage and stretch the piriformis muscle, using a tennis ball.

A …

Osteoporosis Exercise – Skeletal Fitness by Mirabai Holland

All you need is a bath towel for this simple exercise.

It is a great stretch and strengthener for the shoulders and upper back muscles.

Squeeze the shoulder blades together …

Yoga Warm Up

A gentle, low key warm up series, nearly anyone can do. If you cannot reach your toes, just hang on higher, up by the knees like I do, or on …

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