How To Save Money OnTens Electrodes

Elizabeth Johnson, P.T.


Elizabeth Johnson, P.T. 

   How does one save tens electrodes and get the most use out of them?   This video by the physical therapist, Elizabeth Johnson, explains how to get the

Proper Care of Tens Electrodes, Tens Cables and How To Prevent Skin Breakdown When Using Tens

How to properly care for interferentail and tens electrodes to prolong their life. The importance of staying hydrated and the use of tens clean cote protective wipe to reduce skin irritation.

Tips From Patient Using Infrex Plus on Interferential and Tens Mode

Questions from pain patient using Infrex Plus pain machine on electrode size, can tens electrodes be cut, how to change sensations from the electrodes, are multiday long term electrodes OK for patients with skin sensitivity. How to remove electrode gel and adhesives from the skin when using tens multiday self adhering electrodes.


reflexCheck out the large assortment of electrodes here.

Round, square, rectangle, butterfly and more shapes and sizes.

Special use electrodes, such as high humidity, extra tacky, less tacky.…

Video – How To Save Money On Your Interferential And Tens Electrodes

This video by Bob & Elizabeth Johnson, MedFaxx Staff Physical Therapist, shows not only how to save money on tns reusable electrodes, as well as interferential electrodes, but also …

Better Knowledge on Electrode Placement Means Better Pain Relief Results

Better education on tens electrode placement means better results.

Treating 2 Areas of Pain at the Same Time – with Interferential Pain Relief Machine

Interferential therapy can bring almost Angelic relief for some pain sufferers. This particular unit can work on 2 different areas of pain at the same time. You can adjust the strength of the setting independently for each channel.

Benefits of Interferential


Reduce Pain
Promotes Healing
Stimulates Endorphin Release
Increases Range of Motion

Interferential therapy uses tiny electrical currents, that intersect below the surface of the skin. This promotes endorphin release …

Back Pain – Electrode Placement

Low Back Pain – Electrotherapy for Pain Reduction

What is the best size electrode for Interferential therapy? A larger electrode often works better on chronic pain.

Apply your electrodes in …

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