Video On Interferential Therapy

Chronic Pain Releif

Bob Johnson and
the Infrex Unit

     Interferential therapy has been used in a clinical setting for many years with great success. The problem has always been. – you gotta make

Can A Tens Machine Help?


   Tens Digital 6000 Machine

   Try a tens machine on us for free.  Don’t rent or buy something that is not helping you.   You deserve a chance to try and if …

How To Choose A Tens Machine


Best Tens Machine Value

So many tens units, so little information.   The bottom line is what will stop pain, last the longest with the least breakdowns, and where can you …

RSD Pain Relief Without Drugs


Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Pain

RSD pain is constant, miserable and the addition of narcotics or other pharmacological means rarely stop the pain at it’s source.   Today one does not have …

Drug Free Pain Relief For Spinal Stenosis


Stenosis Pain Cause

The very nature of spinal stenosis causes pain to the nerve roots being compressed leaving the spinal chord.  Often there is inflammation due to nerve irritation and the success of …

Why An Interferential Machine Is Better Than A Tens Machine – Video

Infrex Interferential Tens Machine

Carryover Pain Relief

    A major difference in using a tens machine versus an Infrex interferential machine is what is referred to as “residual” or “carryover pain relief”.

Simply stated it’s …

Free Trial Infrex Interferential Therapy & Tens Machine

Free Trial Infrex PlusInfrex Plus Combination Interferential & Tens Machine

Interferential therapy is the electrotherapy that is used for pain relief in hospitals and clinics the most around the world.  It’s the clinically …

Holistic Stress Management & Relaxation, Yoga and Massage Therapy

PostureHere is a video that hits several topics that can benefit someone with chronic pain.

She mentions drinking plenty of water, which is a no brainer.

Beyond that she introduces …

Pain, Posture, and Fascia

PostureWhat is fascia and how does it affect pain in the body?

Check out this interview with Todd Durkin M.A. C.S.C.S. and Sean Croxton.

The answer will surprise you.

Fascia …

Combination Treatment Pain Relief Using Cold, Aspercreme, Menthol with Interferential

How to use cold therapy with interferential therapy for pain relief. Can aspercreme be applied on skin and interferential therapy make it more effective? Do rechargeable and disposable batteries have less power than using the Infrex with the AC adaptor plugged in to wall outlet?
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