Why An Interferential Machine Is Better Than A Tens Machine – Video

Infrex Interferential Tens Machine

Carryover Pain Relief

    A major difference in using a tens machine versus an Infrex interferential machine is what is referred to as “residual” or “carryover pain relief”.

Simply stated it’s …

80% Improvement in my Lower Back Pain – Chiropractic, Inversion Table, Hot Tub and Restorative Yoga

Over 20 Years of Lower Back Pain

My  Chiropractor said, “Wow”

It had been about 2 months since my motorcycle accident, just last February. My back pain had been mostly …

Chiropractic – Good for More than Just Back Pain

Basic Chiropractic

Basic Chiropractic

Most people are surprised to find out that chiropractors can help other conditions like acid reflux, thyroid issues, fatigue, constipation organ problems  and more.


This video will give …

End Low Back Pain NOW

This May Help Your Lower Back


Back Pain Video

Back Pain Video

According to the guy in this video, a chiropractor, these few simple exercises can help with lower back pain. I would …

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