Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson

Hi I’m Bob Johnson, I started  MedFaxx in late 70’s.  Where did all those years go? I’ve been interested in helping people with chronic pain for some  time now and the blog is a way to share success and failure with each other.

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Elizbeth Johnson, P.T.

Elizabeth Johnson, P.T.

Elizabeth Johnson loves being a physical therapist and chose the profession to help others after she suffered a sports injury during high school.

If you would like to ask her a question click here or use the comment box on any site on this site.

We have multiple videos on our web site to answer your questions.  Below is one of many of our videos we’ve done to specifically answer questions about your specific diagnosis.

At all times I’ll be totally candid with you, and you with me, as we try to come up with innovative ways to help each other.   My experience has been the first thing to do is simply share and educate each other.   My core strength is I do understand a little bit about how our bodies interact with electricity and how to use those interactions to ease or reduce pain, heal tissues, bones and introduce medications into the body electrically.  One of my weaknesses is I don’t understand chemistry well and certainly could use a lesson or two in anatomy.   I’ll help you when I can and you me when you can.

Your help may be something as simple as “I’m hurting and I’ve done A, B, and C without results so what would you try next or should I simply punt?”

Together we’ll see if collectively we can’t help each other.

Appreciate any input you have and look forward to working with you.


Bob Johnson

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