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Are you tired of suffering continuously from nagging chronic pain?

You will know for yourself in 5 minutes or less if the Infrex Plus is right for you. Sweet pain relief can happen that fast.

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If you want to keep the Infrex Plus because of the results the $250 will be applied toward purchase.

There is absolutely no risk or commitment on your part.


Interferential therapy has been one of the most often used forms of chronic pain treatment in the clinic.
Thanks to technological advancement, the same pain reduction benefits can be enjoyed in the privacy of your home or even on the go.

Here’s how to use it:

See these videos for more
specific electrode placements.

Back Pain

Knee Pain

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back-electrode200Place the electrodes around the painful area. Your knee, your back, wherever it hurts. You can call us or your doctor, if you need help with electrode placement. Reach us at 800-937-3993.  Please mention this site.

Power it up

Infrex Plus

Infrex Plus

Turn the unit on and increase the power, until you feel the welcome pain relief happening. Continue for the time period recommended by your doctor for your specific pain situation. Many people benefit from the “carryover” relief. That is pain relief that goes on after the power to the unit has gone off.


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